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Naked Goat Farm is owned by Mark & Gina Dunham and is located in Elbert, Colorado.  We grow and make what we sell. Our products are naked, meaning no synthetic chemicals,  synthetic preservatives or GMO's.  Our products are local and seasonal, they change throughout the year depending on what is in season at the moment. 

Mark handcrafts micro batches of the jam/jelly. He is a former chef and has a degree in restaurant management. He makes his jam with a all natural pectin that allows him to use 1/2 the sugar of traditional recipes.  He also makes several flavors sweetened with honey, maple syrup and agave for those who watch their blood sugar. Our jam's reflect the true flavor profile of the amazing Colorado fruit that we use and it just happens to be healthy!

Gina makes the handmade soap & body products. She is a former interior designer and has a degree in Interior Design. She started making body products after along unsatisfied search for natural body care because of her family's super sensitive skin. What she found out is even though they say they are natural/organic they still contain dangerous chemicals that make you break out or give you a headache from the synthetic fragrance and your  body absorbs these chemicals into your blood stream. She only uses fresh natural/organic ingredients sourced from all over the globe.  All ingredients are fair trade and sustainable.  She even grows all the herbs and milk she uses.

How did we come up with that name?
When Gina first started making soap, a customer asked her to make her a special batch that was goat milk no smell or anything extra. She named it Naked Goat Soap and Naked Goat Farm was born!

We also sell fresh goat cheese blended with our herbs and also farm fresh eggs. Available at farmers markets May-October

You can find our products at-
Local farmers markets May through October
Craft fairs and events all over the country
We post our schedule on the home page under Schedule

QUESTIONS CONCERNS COMMENTS send us an email to nakedgoatfarm@gmail.com
Thanks for shopping with us!