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Our jam's and jelly's are handmade from scratch in the town of Elbert, Colorado.
We naturally grow alot of the produce and herbs used right on our farm. We get the rest of our great produce from local Colorado Farmers that we work with at local Colorado Farmers Markets.
Our gourmet jam's and jelly's have less than half of the sugar found in commercial brands. Each of our jars has a robust peak of the season captured flavor that can make every recipe better and is the perfect shortcut to  layered flavors. Here are some great ideas to make every dish better.
  • Mix with plain yogurt or cottage cheese, top with granola.
  • Flavor booster in a smoothie.
  • Mix 2 part jam to 1 part maple syrup heat for 30 sec top on crepes, pancakes and waffles.
  • Mix with softened butter for fresh biscuts, scones, muffins.
  • Add to oatmeal, porridge, malt o meal ect..
  • mix into cream cheese for a bagel.
  • Add to pancake batter in place of liquid.
  • Spread on crepes with marscapone cheese.
  • And of course on buttered toast.
Apps & Salads
  • Serve on warm goat cheese or brie.
  • Mix with a little vinegar or soy sauce for a great dipping sauce try with popcorn shrimp, eggrolls or veggie plate.
  • Mix with equal parts jelly, vinegar and oil for a fresh salad dressing.
  • Mix a tablespoon into chicken, tuna or egg salad.
  • Add to homemade cream cheese wontons.
  • Meat marinade.
  • Add to stir fry.
  • Use as a glaze on hamburgers.
  • Deglaze a pan for the best sauce possible.
( How to deglaze a pan. After the meat is cooked remove meat from pan and let rest. Add one table spoon Jelly or jam and 1/4 cup fluid of your choice ( wine, stock, beer, water, ect..) over meduim heat simmer and scape bottom of pan to remove carmelized bits reduce by half serve over meat or potato's).
  • Add to slow cooker sauces for deeper flavors.
  • Dip for coconut shrimp.
  • Put on ham sandwich or grilled cheese.
  • Glaze on chicken or porkchops.
( Always add glazes on at the tail end of cooking they carmelize fairly quickly beacuse of the sugars).
  • Put into meatballs, meatloaf, burgers or glaze on top.
  • Add to coleslaw in place of sugar.
  • Add to steamed vegetables with a pat of butter and toss.
  • Brush on winter squash before baking.
  • Add beer jelly to peppers and onion saute for steaks and brats.
  • Add to gravy for mashed potatos.
  • Spoon in center of thumb print cookies.
  • Stir into brownie batter.
  • Swirl in cheesecake before baking or as a topping.
  • Use in between layers of a cake.
  • Puff pastry squares with cheese.
  • Layer fillo dough dough with nuts and jam.
  • Jelly Roll.
  • Mix with warm liquor and spoon over sponge cake or lady fingers.
  • Place on pie crust add fresh fruit gather edges and bake for a great gallet.
  • Fresh whipped cream and fruit with warmed jam.
  • Add lime coconut rum marmalade to ice and fresh mint and silver rum, blend for a mojito.
  • Add strawberry margarita jam to a fresh iced margarita.